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2018 Canton Farmers' Market Vendors

The Canton Farmers’ Market is a producers-only market that provides consumers with an opportunity to buy fresh, quality products at reasonable prices directly from local growers in Northeast Ohio.

An entirely local selection of fresh produce is available along with a bounty of other local products like fresh-cut flower bouquets, delicious pastries, jams, honey, herbs, natural meats, certified organic produce, cheeses and beef, potted plants, fresh eggs, ethnic specialties and more! 

Arrowhead Orchard

Paris, Ohio

Arrowhead has over 40 acres of orchards. Season begins in August with peaches & nectarines, yellow & white varieties. Apple varieties are picked August thru October, varieties in order of picking: August – Earligold, Paula Red, Mollie’s Delicious, Sansa; September – Honey Crisp, Golden Supreme, Gala Macintosh, Jonathan, Empire, Cortland, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Grimes Golden; October – Mutsa, Northern Spy, Melrose, Stayman, Winesap, Granny Smith, Suncrisp, Fuji, Rome Beauty, Gold Rush.  Visit for more information.

Aultman Wellness on Wheels (WOW VAN)

Canton, Ohio

The Aultman WOW van provides free health screenings and education throughout the community. Free, noninvasive health screenings including blood pressure checks, height, weight and Body Mass Index/percentage of body fat are provided.  Visit for more information.

Brady Produce
Warsaw, Ohio

Home grown gardener: small one man operation. My operation and goal is to grow as close to organic produce as possible, I prefer to grow heirloom variety produce.

Brenckle Farms
Hartville, Ohio

Home grown gardener: small one man operation. My operation and goal is to grow as close to organic produce as possible, I prefer to grow heirloom variety produce.  For more information, visit

Carpe Diem
Canton, Ohio

Carpe Diem Coffee Shop has been downtown for almost 14 years!! We offer excellent brewed coffee along with whole bean coffee to purchase. Our shop – located on Market Ave N is open 8 am to 12 noon on Saturdays come see us after you visit the market!! Visit for more information.

Dogtown Bakery
Canton, Ohio

All natural homemade dog treats & cat toys. A healthy and safe alternative to store bought treats. They’re face lickin’ good. Visit for more information.

Dragon Breath Gourmet Garlic
Navarre, Ohio

Organically grown gourmet garlic. All of our garlic varieties are grown on our farm in Stark County. We try and powder each variety to create unique garlic powders that do not contain any additives or preservatives.  Visit for more information.

Fichter Farm
Minerva, Ohio

Fichter Farm is celebrating it’s 10th year of responsibly growing vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. The products on our table are produced locally by us, Following the National Organic Program guidelines.  We take pride in what we grow and strive to produce in a manner that has a minimal impact on the planet.  Visit for more information.

Fox Family Farm
Navarre, Ohio

We are a family run business since 1999. With over 40 years’ experience in gardening and farming. We use no chemical sprays on anything we grow including our flowers. We grow Heirloom varieties to avoid GMO’s. We have 12 different color cherry tomatoes, 12 of the world’s hottest peppers. They are all grown from seed. Brandywine is our most sought after heirloom beefsteak which this year marks the 55 generation of plants from seed. We want people to be able to eat food without chemicals for better health. Our family feels it’s important to sell directly to our customers as much as possible and to ensure proper handling of the best quality product for your family to enjoy.  Your money goes directly to our family farm instead of paying distributors and trucking companies, which means it stays in your local economy.  We also offer a CSA program where you shop for what you want at our stand at the farmers markets we attend.  Visit for more information.

Grosenbaugh Farm 

Louisville, Ohio

Grosenbaugh Farms is a small family operation located in Nimishillen Township. We take pride in our sweet corn that is free from pesticides and non-GMO.  Hand-picked at the perfect time to capture the correct sweetness and texture.

Hand Hewn Farm  
Fresno, Ohio


Hand Hewn Farm was founded in 2014.  Our farm is made up of five friends, the Lanes (Andy and Katie), the Whartons (Doug and Molly) and Kathy Neal.  The Lanes and Whartons began homesteading in 2009 in Knox County and Kathy has been gardening and cooking for years. In 2014, we made the decision to combine efforts and move to the Patterson Family Farm (Andy’s Grandparents) in Tuscarawas County.

Together with our children we are turning our lives toward the land. We utilize farming practices that build soil, capture water, store carbon, and harness solar energy in order to produce the highest quality products for our customers while revitalizing the land and the support from the people who live here. Our work in many ways is difficult but it has been made easier with the support from the farmers around us and those that came before us.  

Our farming operations are constantly evolving to best utilize the 160 acre original farm purchased by William and Frieda Patterson in 1949.  We raise pigs, meat chickens, layers, and rabbits on pasture. In addition to forage, they receive a ration of non GMO grain.
Our facilities include a fully operational, year round education butcher shop. We offer slaughter, butcher, and curing workshops at our farm and other locations. This practice is an attempt to spread traditions in animal harvest that are quickly being lost in a society that glorifies fast, cheap, and easy. We strive to have a no waste process so attendees can really appreciate what “nose to tail” means. Our education events include a variety of hands-on workshops and seasonal functions that showcase the cycles of healthy food production and celebrate regenerative agricultural life.  Visit us at or on Instagram @handhewnfarm or

Irish Lass Bakery

North Canton, Ohio 

Irish Lass Bakery is an artisan bakery specializing in small batch bread, cookies and other pastries.

Joe's Sourdough Breads
Lisbon, Ohio

Our breads are made with non-GMO, naturally grown grains.  They are naturally leavened with no yeast, sweeteners or oils. Bread consist of flour, water, salt fermented for 6 to 7 hours and baked in a wood fired oven. 

Kneuss Family Farms

New Philadelphia, Ohio

We are multi-generational family farm, focused on bringing high quality fresh foods to our local community. We raise several acres of vegetables, a small orchard, along with a heard of heritage beef cattle which we feed with our own hay and field crops.  We strive to use bio-dynamic methods to produce safe and highly nutritious food. We grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables including both staple favorites as well as a number of heirloom and unique offerings.

Linda's Local Thyme

Wooster, Ohio

Linda bakes using all natural sweeteners, unbleached flours, pure fats, & oils. Visit for more information.


Maize Valley Farms

Hartville, Ohio

Maize Valley Farm is a 3rd generation family owned farm.  We have a farm market, winery, and brewery stop on out and visit us on Edison St.  Visit for more.

Marvin's Garden

Akron, Ohio

We specialize in an assortment of flowers and bouquets of cut flowers.

Miller Farmstead

Fredericksburg, Ohio

Miller Farmstead is a third generation family farm. We grow certified organic vegetables and all natural mostly grass fed angus beef cattle. Our farm does not use any GMO, Chemical spray or synthetic fertilizer. We try to grow the most nutritious, healthy, best tasting vegetables for our family and customers. Most of our vegetables are picked the day before or the same day we sell them to provide the freshest products available. The beef we sell off the farm by quarter, half, or whole processed however you want it.

Moreland Fruit Farm
Fredericksburg, Ohio

The story about our farm, we just purchased a 100 acre fruit and vegetable farm in Moreland, Ohio which is located 10 mins south of Wooster.  With the Finneys (Fred and Marilyn) retiring from the fruit business, we were very fortunate to have this opportunity to continue to run this as a fruit and vegetable farm.  Thanks to the Finneys for not developing the farm.

Anyways, this farm consists of approx. 30 a. fruit, 30 a. vegetables, 15a. pasture, some follow land and there is also a little woods.

There is a retail store on the farm for anything that is in season. This is a very well-established pick your own fruit farm. We also supply local schools with our produce and a store in Wooster called Local Roots. How we grow our produce – we are not organic however we try to lean that way a lot. Most of our fertilizers are organic. Also a lot of our sprays are organic. If you ever want a tour of the farm, just stop in when you get a chance.

Motts Mapleton Farm
East Canton, Ohio

My husband, Peter, and I have always dreamed of owning and operating a farm. A few years ago, we had the opportunity to purchase my late grandfather’s 52 acre gentleman’s farm… and we jumped at the chance! Since then, we have been busy restoring and revitalizing the century farmhouse and beautiful barn.

Now, we are dedicated to raising sustainable, pastured meats that make their way from our farm to your table. After stripping away the layers of industrialization and chemical additives that have become common over the last century, we have returned our farm to simple production. Our focus is on animal well-being, soil health, seed selection, and plant vitality. We are so glad you have chosen to join us on this journey!  Learn more at or visit

Parrott Gardens, LLC
Canton, Ohio

This is the first year for Parrot Gardens. It started as a hobby that kept growing. Every year my garden got bigger. This year I decided to try being a professional.

Shady Grove Greenhouse

New Philadelphia, Ohio

Shady Grove Greenhouse, LLC has been growing microgreens since 2015.  We offer over 45 varieties of organically grown Microgreens. What are microgreens? Tiny, edible greens grown in as little as 10 day, loaded with vitamins and full of nutrition.  An excellent addition to sandwiches, salads, smoothies, in wraps, or as a garnish.  We also offer salad greens, vegetables and edible flower. We love the Canton Farmers’ Market & The wonderful friends we’ve made there over the past 3 years!  Like us on Facebook at of visit our website at

The Toasted Loaf
Minerva, Ohio

I have 100% organic flour sourdough bread and pastries (pastries are not sourdough) in a variety of flavors and all are baked in an outdoor wood-fired brick oven.   All my bread has at least a 24 hour fermentation time which makes it easily digestible. Many people who are sensitive to gluten are able to eat this bread.  Visit me on Facebook at

The Wholesome Hive

Canton, Ohio

This small, grassroots business began as a result of a wife (me) being interested in learning more about her husband’s beekeeping hobby. As I researched & Experimented with beeswax & other simple, natural ingredients, I came up with a line of all natural body & Homecare products which is now known as The Wholesome Hive. For more information visit  or

Please contact Ashley Winter, Event Manager, at more information and with questions.